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Derby Track -32'

Pinewood Derby™ Car Axles

The standard Pinewood Derby™ Car Axles from the Kit have burrs and crimp marks from manufacturing.  The axle head is not a 90 degree angle from the shaft.  This slows the velocity of the car down.  We suggest Precision Axles or using the Pro Axle Press to fix the flaws on your wheels.


Derby Car Axles
CNC Speed Axles, Set of 4, w/3 Lubrication Grooves are precision, CNC-machined. They are High Toleranced machined straight, round and have a smooth shaft, tapered head and cored groove to reduce friction.  Burrs and Crimp marks have been removed.  There are lubrication grooves.    $18.99/Set Add to Cart
Pro N Axles, Set of 6, with 2 -80mm Drill Bits (For Derby Worx Razor Needle Wheels) $9.99/Set of 6 Add to Cart
Pro Axles by Derby Worx, Oversized Shank, Taper'd Head, Plated, with Ground Points, Set of 4 Axles $7.99/Set of 4 Add to Cart
Polished and Deburred  Axles- Extended Length, Tapered Head, Set of 4 $7.99/Set of 4 Add to Cart



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